Millionaires Anonymous (Comedy)


“Wonderfully funny… a master class of epic proportions.” 9/10 – Liverpool Sound and Vision

Winning the lottery is what everyone dreams of, but for these lucky winners, their dreams turned into nightmares. Turns out losing a fortune is much easier than winning one!

Fortunately, help is at hand. At Millionaires Anonymous people are encouraged to discuss their stories and problems, and with the help of a twelve-step program, the former millionaires are guided onto a path of enlightenment and self-fulfilment, learning along the way that money doesn’t buy happiness. Or does it?

Having formed a secret syndicate, the group continue to gamble what little money they have left, pinning all their hopes on winning the jackpot again. The odds on that? Two-hundred and eighty-three billion to one. It’s a long shot, but it could happen, and if it did you’d better hope your syndicate is a group of mentally stable and well-rounded individuals… but more importantly, that you can find the bloody ticket!

Millionaires Anonymous takes a hilarious look at our quest for happiness in all the wrong places.



The play was originally performed at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool from 2nd – 4th of July 2015. In May/July 2016 it went on tour to The Brindley Theatre (Runcorn), The Atkinson Theatre (Southport), and the Salford Arts Theatre as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.


Julie: Geraldine Moloney Judge

Mark: Neil MacDonald

Dr. Karen Price: Chrissi-Jo Hughes (2015), Annabel Entress (2016)

Neil: Lee Burnitt

Chris: David Clayton

Peter: Albert Hastings

Caroline: Caitlin Mary Carley Clough

Announcer: Loaf


Writer/Director/Producer: Stewart McDonald

Production Stage/Manager: Sonia Chapman

Assistant Stage Manager: Siobhan Crinson

Stage Assistant: Lisa-Jayne Brockway (2016)

Music: Alan Rickard

Set Construction: Robin P Murphy (2015), Stephen Owen (2016)

Photography: Andrew Ab

Filming: Chris Chapman