Millionaires Anonymous

“Wonderfully funny… a master class of epic proportions.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision

Millionaires Anonymous is a comedy play about six lottery winners who have lost their millions and attend group therapy in an attempt to learn that money doesn’t buy happiness. But unknown to their therapist they’ve formed a syndicate and are desperate to hit the jackpot again!


(Print Length: 139 pages)



(Running Time: 2 hours 8 minutes)



Winning the lottery is what everyone dreams of, but for these lucky winners, their dreams turned into nightmares. Turns out losing a fortune is much easier than winning one!

Fortunately, help is at hand. At Millionaires Anonymous people are encouraged to discuss their stories and problems, and with the help of a twelve-step program, the former millionaires are guided onto a path of enlightenment and self-fulfilment, learning along the way that money doesn’t buy happiness. Or does it?

Having formed a secret syndicate, the group continue to gamble what little money they have left, pinning all their hopes on winning the jackpot again. The odds on that? Two-hundred and eighty-three billion to one. It’s a long shot, but it could happen, and if it did you’d better hope your syndicate is a group of mentally stable and well-rounded individuals… but more importantly, that you can find the bloody ticket!

Millionaires Anonymous takes a hilarious look at our quest for happiness in all the wrong places.

Royalty-free until 02/07/2022


The play was originally performed at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool from 2nd – 4th of July 2015. In May/July 2016 it went on tour to The Brindley Theatre (Runcorn), The Atkinson Theatre (Southport), and the Salford Arts Theatre as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.


Julie: Geraldine Moloney Judge

Mark: Neil MacDonald

Dr. Karen Price: Chrissi-Jo Hughes (2015), Annabel Entress (2016)

Neil: Lee Burnitt

Chris: David Clayton

Peter: Albert Hastings

Caroline: Caitlin Mary Carley Clough

Announcer: Ian Warburton


Writer/Director/Producer: Stewart McDonald

Production Stage/Manager: Sonia Chapman

Assistant Stage Manager: Siobhan Crinson

Stage Assistant: Lisa-Jayne Brockway (2016)

Music: Alan Rickard

Set Construction: Robin P Murphy (2015), Stephen Owen (2016)

Photography: Andrew Ab

Filming: Chris Chapman


Reviews (2)

Liverpool Sound & Vision

“A play that can have you laughing so hard one minute, and disguising the tears of the upset idea and misfortune of living the next deserves no less a recognition that if in the presence of a master class of epic proportions.”

The Reviews Hub

“Dark, edgy and surprisingly funny, Millionaires Anonymous takes a hilarious look at our never-ending lust for the green stuff. McDonald’s wonderfully witty play mixes comedy and humour with tragedy and despair to deliver a dark, raw and painfully honest account of humanity’s quest for happiness in all the wrong places.”